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Introducing a new product offered to Meningie Milk Products called  CJ PROSIN Feed Grade, used as an alternative to the conventional protein source, such as fishmeal, especially as a replacement for protein raw materials in animal diets. As fish meal supplies are becoming harder to secure and their prices continue to rise, CJ Prosin may be an option to consider? Produced by microbial fermentation from natural raw materials of agricultural origin (such as raw sugar; beet molasses; cane molasses )

It provides a stable protein source.

The Crude Protein value and Amino Acid profile make it a good source of protein for different categories of livestock. This product is used only for animals. (E.g. Pigs, Poultry, Cows & calves, Pet Food, Fish)

Appearance is a dark brown granule.

GuaranteeCrude Protein 65.0% 

Total Amino Acid Profile %  62.63% Average

Moisture: 10% Maximum

GE, Kcal/kg: 5,571

Packaging: 25kg 1-ply PP Bag with 1-ply P.E inner. Also in Bulka bags

Stability: Product is stable for at least 2 Years if stored under recommended conditions.

The complete Specification is available upon application for you and your animal nutritionist to consider.

“Indicative” Delivered Adelaide Depot price  for the month of August is $1,890/mt + gst  (for both Bulkas & 25kg bags).

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