Fishmeal & Salmon Oil


Meningie Milk Products is now offering 4 types of Fishmeal:

  • Wild Seas Fishmeal (68+% Crude Protein content) in 25kgs & 1,000kg Bulka bags stored at Largs North (South Australia) ex Adelaide Warehouse AUD1750/mt + gst.
  • from Victoria, are the Pacific Dha Tuna meal, 58%CP (only in 25 kg bags) and
  • Pacific SKF Tuna meal, 60+% CP (in both 25 kgs & Bulkas).
  • CSF Fishmeal and Tuna Blend CP55%

Also, Tasmanian Salmon Oil in Flexitanks (1,000 litres), which provides the necessary Omega 3 oils in feed ration mixes.

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