Durum Wheat Pellets


A range of high specification supplementary stock feeds suitable for Dairy, Beef Cattle, Sheep and Pigs can be supplied. These include milk powders (including Lactose, Whey, Skim Milk powder and chocolate powder) and milk powder replacers. In addition, we supply variety of Fish Meal, Salmon Oil (both for the Omega oil content), Vitamin/mineral premixes and Wheat pellets.

Mill-Run Durum Wheat Pellets

Typical Analysis of Sample FeedTest:-

Dry Matter(%) 88.5
Moisture(%) 11.5
Crude Protein(% of DM) 15.2
Acid Detergent Fibre (%) 12.2
Neutral Detergent Matter(%) 28.9
Digestibility(% of DM) 85.6
Metabolisable Energy(Mj/kg) 13.4
Fat (% of DM) 3.4
Ash (% of DM) 6.5

Price for 2022, ex Adelaide Mill (in Bulk loads only):-

$tba/Tonne + GST (Freight can be arranged)

Also supplying fish meal to a major Australian Garden Fertilizer Company.

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